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Note: Only experimental builds of Cemu 2.0 are supported. At this time Cemu does not have a stable release of Cemu 2.0 which supports Pretendo

Cemu 2.0 has official built-in support for Pretendo as of October 10, 2022. Head to the Cemu GitHub releases page and download the latest Cemu experimental release (tagged as Pre-release). Only Cemu 2.0-5 (Experimental) and above is supported at the moment. Additionally you may build Cemu from source using the provided build instructions

Online files

Cemu requires the use of several files obtained via dumping from real hardware. You may use those files if you have a physical Wii U, they will work just fine when connecting to Pretendo. If you don't have a real Wii U navigate to your account page and select Download account files

Note: These online files are scrubbed of all console information and are stubbed enough for Cemu to think they are from real hardware. These files MAY fail to work correctly. Support for these files is very limited, and it is recommended to use files from a real console

Setup Cemu for online

After obtaining the files needed for online play refer to the official Cemu Online Play guide

Note! If you downloaded the account files from your Pretendo Network account you may skip the steps on the Cemu guide which dumps them from a console. However these files will not work on Nintendo Network. For compatibility with both servers, use files dumped from a real console

Connecting to Pretendo

Once you have Cemu setup for online play navigate to Options > General settings > Account. You should now see a section titled Network Service. Select your PNID from the Active account menu and select the Pretendo Network Service option. Cemu should now be connected to Pretendo's servers


Cemu has limited to no Miiverse support as of now. Currently no Miiverse features, including the Miiverse applet as well as Miiverse features in games, will function.