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Steel Diver: Sub Wars

Worldwide matches
Same Continent matches
Friends matches
Blocklist people


Competitive matches
Friendly matches

Pokkén Tournament

Friendly Matches
Rank Matches
Ranking Information

Mario Kart 7

VS Race rooms
Battle rooms
Join to Friends (Friends List)
Join to Friends/Opponents
Communities rankings
Ghost data

Tri-Force Heroes

Co-op multiplayer
Friend rooms

Kid Icarus: Uprising

Light vs. Dark
Friend rooms

Friends (3DS)

Go online
Send friend requests
Accept friend requests
Update comment
Update Mii
Update favorite game
Remove friends

Friends (Wii U)

Go online
Send friend requests
Update game status
Accept friend requests
Get friends list
Update comment
Block users
Remove friends
Delete friend requests


Rankings (NEX)
Rankings (BOSS)

Team Kirby Clash Deluxe

Recruit wandering adventurers
Stub gem apples shop (prevent game freeze)

Pokemon Rumble World

Visits (online)
Visits (SpotPass)


Decode PRUDPv0
Decode PRUDPv1
Encode PRUDPv0
Encode PRUDPv1
Implement NEX type inheritance
Add NEX common types
Implement RMC requests
Implement RMC responses
Add protocol error types
Implement Kerberos authentication
Send client RMC requests
Implement NEX version checks when encoding/decoding data
Implement server/client heartbeat
[NEX - Common] Authentication protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Data Store protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Friends protocol (WiiU)
[NEX - Common] Health protocol
[NEX - Common] Match Making Ext protocol
Common authentication protocol handlers
Common secure connection protocol handlers
[NEX - Common] Message Delivery protocol
[NEX - Common] Monitoring protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Nintendo Notifications protocol
[NEX - Common] Notifications protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Ranking protocol
[NEX - Common] Remote Log Device protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Debug protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Friends protocol (3DS)
[NEX - Common] Secure Connection protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Utility protocol
Common matchmaking protocol handlers
Support for stock Rendez-Vous clients
[NEX - Nintendo] Data Store protocol (Pokemon Bank)
[NEX - Nintendo] Data Store protocol (Pokemon X / Y)
Common NAT traversal protocol handlers
[NEX - Common] Account Management protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Data Store protocol (Super Smash Bros. 4)
[NEX - Nintendo] Matchmake Extension protocol (Mario Kart 8)
[NEX - Nintendo] Matchmake Extension protocol (Monster Hunter XX (3DS))
[NEX - Nintendo] Matchmake Extension protocol (Pokemon X / Y)
[NEX - Nintendo] Matchmake Extension protocol (Super Smash Bros. 4)
[NEX - Nintendo] Matchmake Extension protocol
[NEX - Common] Match Making protocol
[NEX - Common] NAT Traversal protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Ranking protocol (Mario Kart 8)
[NEX - Nintendo] Ranking protocol (Super Smash Bros. 4)
[NEX - Nintendo] Ranking protocol (Splatoon)
[NEX - Nintendo] Screening protocol
[NEX - Common] Friends protocol
[NEX - Common] Messaging protocol
[NEX - Common] Persistent Store protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Matchmake Referee protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Subscriber protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] Ranking 2 protocol
[NEX - Nintendo] AA User protocol
[NEX - Pokemon Bank] Shop protocol
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Back end management
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Simple authentication
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Siege
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Competition
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Client settings
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Ubi account management
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Geo localization
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] News
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Privileges
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Tracking 3
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Localization
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Game session
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Sub account management
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] IP to location
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] IP to location admin
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Ubi friends
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Skill rating
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Uplay win
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Title storage
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] User storage
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Player stats
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Spark
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Offline game notifications
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] User account management
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Siege admin
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] Web notifications storage
[Rendez-Vous - Quazal] User storage admin

Wii U Chat

Go online
Display list of friends
Send calling notification
Start call session
Missed call notifications


Go online
Private battles
Public battles

Super Mario Maker (3DS)

Going in game
Play counter
Death counter
Clear counter
World record tracking
Display random courses

Super Mario Maker (Wii U)

Going in game
Course uploads
Star courses
Download courses
Death counter
Clear counter
World record tracking
Death positions
Display random courses in course world
Juxtaposition (Miiverse) integration
Bookmark site
100 man
Course searching
Difficulty filtering

Mario Kart 8

Create WW/Regional Rooms
Join WW/Regional Rooms
Leave WW/Regional Rooms
Transferring Host
Basic Matchmaking
Create Friend Room
Join Friend Room
Leave Friend Room
Join Tournaments
Leave Tournaments
Search Tournaments
Create Tournaments
Modify/Delete Tournaments
Mario Kart TV - YouTube Uploads

Juxtaposition (Miiverse)

[All] Create new database models
[All] Communities Page
[All] Activity Feed
[Wii U] Posts
[Wii U] User Page
[3DS] Posts
[All] Notifications
[All] Translations
[All] Messages
[All] Remove the Juxt-specific user object
[API] Move to new endpoint design
[All] Add support for different server instances based on access level
[All] Move drawings and screenshots storage to DO space
[All] Sub Communities
[3DS] UI Refactor
[3DS] User Page
[All] Guest Mode
Set-Up Page Rewrite


Fake OTP generation
Fake SEEPROM generation
Blog system
Donation tiers
Progress page
Move localization to Weblate
Mii editor
Account page
Move to gRPC

Account Server

PNID creation
PNID login
NASC login
NEX account creation
Validate client certificate
Render Miis
Game server discovery
Use client certificate to validate requests
Email validation
Create EULA and Privacy Policy
Implement gRPC API server