Game servers


Pretendo is a free and open source replacement for Nintendo's servers for both the 3DS and Wii U, allowing online connectivity for all, even after the original servers are discontinued

About us

Pretendo is an open-source project that aims to recreate Nintendo Network for the 3DS and Wii U using clean-room reverse engineering.

As our services would be both free and open source, they can exist long after the inevitable closure of Nintendo Network.



Friends (Wii U) [100%]
Wii U Chat [100%]
Friends (3DS) [87%]
PIKMIN 3 [50%]
Team Kirby Clash Deluxe [50%]
Pokemon Rumble World [75%]
NEX [43%]
Splatoon [62%]
Super Mario Maker (3DS) [83%]
Super Mario Maker (Wii U) [57%]
Mario Kart 8 [89%]
Juxtaposition (Miiverse) [38%]
Website [81%]
Account Server [86%]
Mario Kart 7 [0%]

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we're asked for easy information.

What is Pretendo?

Pretendo is an open source Nintendo Network replacement that aims to build custom servers for the Wii U and 3DS family of consoles. Our goal is to preserve the online functionality of these consoles, to allow players to continue to play their favorite Wii U and 3DS games to their fullest capacity.

How do I use Pretendo?

Pretendo is currently not in a state that is ready for public use. However, once it is you will be able to use Pretendo simply by running our homebrew patcher on your console.

Does Pretendo work on Cemu/emulators?

Pretendo supports any client that can interact with Nintendo Network. Currently the only emulator with this kind of functionality is Cemu. Cemu 2.0 officially supports Pretendo under your network account options in the emulator. For information on how to get started with Cemu, check out the documentation.
Citra does not support true online play and thus does not work with Pretendo, and does not show signs of supporting true online play at all. Mikage, a 3DS emulator for mobile devices, may provide support in the future though this is far from certain.

Will Pretendo support the Wii/Switch?

The Wii already has custom servers provided by Wiimmfi. We currently do not wish to target the Switch as it is both paid and completely different to Nintendo Network.

Will my existing NNIDs work on Pretendo?

Sadly, no. Existing NNIDs will not work on Pretendo, as only Nintendo holds your user data; while an NNID-to-PNID migration is theoretically possible, it would be risky and require sensitive user data we do not wish to hold.

Do you know when feature/service will be ready?

No. Lots of Pretendo's features/services are developed independently (for example, Miiverse may be worked on by one developer while Accounts and Friends is being worked on by another) and therefore we cannot give an overall ETA for how long this will take.

If I am banned on Nintendo Network, will I stay banned when using Pretendo?

We will not have access to Nintendo Network's bans, and all users will not be banned on our service. However, we will have rules to follow when using the service and failing to follow these rules could result in a ban.

Will I need hacks to connect?

Yes, you will need to hack your device to connect; however, on Wii U you will only need access to the Homebrew Launcher (i.e. Haxchi, Coldboot Haxchi, or even the web browser exploit), with info on how the 3DS will connect coming at a later date.

What we make

Our project has many components. Here are some of them.

Game servers

Bringing back your favorite games and content using custom servers.


A re-imagining of Miiverse, as if it were made in the modern era.

Cemu support

Play your favorite Wii U titles even without a console!

The team

Meet the team behind the project

Jonathan Barrow (jonbarrow)

Project owner and lead developer

Jemma (CaramelKat)

Miiverse research and development


Network installer and console research


BOSS research and patch development


Console and other system research

Jip Fr

Web development lead


Web development



Special thanks

Without them, Pretendo wouldn't be where it is today.