Error Code: 598-0069

Applies to: Wii U

You have the legacy Martini patches installed into your Miiverse applet. The current version of the Pretendo patchers have a safer version of these patches, so the older ones must be uninstalled.

Navigate to the releases page on the Martini GitHub repository

Select the martini-juxt-patcher.rpx to download it

Copy martini-juxt-patcher.rpx and place it on your SD card at sd:/wiiu/apps/

Place your SD card back into your console and boot like normal.

Open the Homebrew Launcher and launch martini-juxt-patcher.rpx or select it from the Wii U Menu (Aroma)

After confirming the state of the Miiverse applet, press X to remove the patches.

Once the patcher is done running and your console has rebooted, you're done! Have fun in Juxt!

If you encountered any errors, try searching for the error code. If that doesn't work, get in touch with a developer in our Discord.